Buckhorn Valley Irrigation Season Opening Status Update: We know everyone is anxious to get the spring and summer season going, grass greening, and plants growing. So are we. Here’s the latest update:

Operations Manager Kenny Slaughter began the preseason-opening sequence in late April, the earliest safe date to begin charging the system. Any earlier opening of the system creates a risk in case of a hard freeze, which could wreck homeowners’ systems.  During this sequence, it became obvious that an over-winter leak had developed at the main pipeline valves near Buckhorn Valley Blvd.  The leak has to be fixed before the system can be fully charged and operational.  This repair has been held up by the lack of parts including connections, adapters, compression mechanical joints, and other materials. Kenny has searched for and driven to get parts from other western counties. He has engaged contract irrigation mechanics and excavation contractors. No effort has been spared.  Despite this all-out effort, the lack of parts has slowed the work, which is now, barring the unforeseen, being completed.

As of this writing, Kenny hopes to resume charging the system early next week, or about May 15. The charging sequence normally takes about 10 days to complete.  Barring any more unforeseen circumstances, everyone should have water by the end of May, which is historically the District’s target date for the complete opening of the system.

The District will post additional advisories if there are further developments.  Please be supportive of Kenny, he has no permanent assistants and is working his hardest to get you green.


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June 2021:  Upper Buckhorn Valley – Development Update

Hello neighbors of Upper Buckhorn!

In hopes of providing relevant news regarding the goings-on in the community, Buckhorn Valley neighborhood landowners and developers have worked together to create this brief update.  We hope to publish one every few months so that property owners are aware of active and planned developments at Upper Buckhorn.

Phase 5: Tomahawk Lots – Update from Scott Green, Scott Green Excavating, Inc. (Developer)

The lots at Tomahawk (18 lots) are situated at the end of Bridger Drive, extending behind and parallel to Mohawk Court towards the highest altitude of the neighborhood.  Scott Green Excavating, Inc. purchased these lots in late 2020 and completed all utilities, fiber, paving and streetlights in record time over the 2020/2021 winter.

Tomahawk is one of the only developments in the valley where buyers can build custom homes without HOA or DRB fees.  Lots are ready for buyer-owners to begin built-out – thus far, lots 1, 2, 4 and 5 have closed, with lot 3 due to close by the end of June.  Lot 13 is expected to break ground soon with a custom home floorplan.  10 of the total 18 lots are still available for sale – for additional detail please contact Laurie Slaughter with Berkshire Hathaway (970) 524 1150.

Phase 6: Bowie Extension – Update from Brad Hagedorn, Gold Dust Capital Partners (Developer)

The Bowie extension lots (17 lots) sit at the end of Bowie Road, right behind the crossroad of Arawk Way.  Gold Dust Capital Partners purchased these lots in late 2020 and have been building out the lots with Mountain Valley Homes.

All utilities have been completed on Buckhorn Valley Phase 6 and we are working on pouring sidewalks and curbs.  Paving will come in a few more weeks once these have had time to cure.  Then final touches such as street signs, streetlights, fire hydrants, etc. will be completed.

Six lot/home packages are already under contract, with two of those having broken ground.  We expect these six homes to be completed by the end of the calendar year, with more to be completed in winter.  For additional detail contact Jay Sapp with Mountain Valley Homes Real Estate at (970) 306 7840.

Peak View at Hawk’s Nest – Update from Kim Fritzler, Slifer Smith & Frampton (Broker)

Peak View at Hawk’s Nest is the third (and final) phase of the popular Hawk’s Nest development at the southern end of Upper Buckhorn.  The phase will consist of 18 duplex residences with two basic, three-bedroom floor plans, all of which will have views of Castle Peak.

Grading began in Q1 2021 and foundations / support walls are in process of being laid.  Permits for the first residence (Lot 1AB) are currently under review with the Town with full construction expected to proceed by July 2021.  Contact Kim Fritzler with Slifer Smith & Frampton at (970) 376 5814 for details.

Town of Gypsum Dog Park – Update from Lana Bryce, Town of Gypsum (Urban Planner)

The Town of Gypsum has identified the free park space at the end of Buckhorn Valley Boulevard as a suitable location for a potential town-managed dog park, complete with enclosed run areas, large and small dog gated sections, and waste disposal on-site.  The Town has already provided temporary  parking at the end of Buckhorn Boulevard for residents and visitors to park vehicles before entering the private trail system and BLM lands behind the Mountain Gateway condo development.  Please contact Lana Bryce of Gypsum Community Development at (970) 524 1729 for further information.

Mountain Gateway HOA:
The final building, "J" is sold out and will be delivered to new owners in July
Landscaping, community garden + cornhole courts to be completed by summer 2021

Hawk’s Nest HOA:
Fertilizer treatment for neighborhood pines completed
Please send us your feedback!  If there is anything you’d like to see in this update, please send us a note at BVFirewheel@gmail.com.

Have a wonderful summer!

BV Firewheel, LLC

Buckhorn Valley Landowner 

May 6, 2022     Metro District 1 Update
Buckhorn Valley neighbors,

District 1 is concerned.  As outlined in the most recent District 1 Board meeting, District 1 has been working on several approaches to resolve District 2’s ongoing disruption to Metro District operations.  In short, District 1 has seen little sense of urgency or constructive collaboration from District 2.  Since the start of the year, District 2 has:

  • Withheld operating capital meant for the BV irrigation system (refusing to honor the legally binding Metro District Service Plan approved by the Town of Gypsum);
  • Failed to collaborate on or share the cost of the water fee study needed to determine BV Firewheel’s owed fees; and
  • Rejected “bridge” operating funding from BV Firewheel intended only to turn on community water supply while mediation occurs.

District 1 has also seen few constructive alternatives suggested by District 2 to work towards a conclusion of the ongoing disagreements.  District 1 sincerely hopes that District 2 attends the forthcoming mediation session with an approach that better serves the Buckhorn Valley homeowners on whose behalf they claim to be working. 

Please see below for a short summary of the District 1 Board meeting held on April 4th, as well as the current standing of District 1’s efforts to ensure Buckhorn Valley irrigation is uninterrupted this summer.

Our best,
The Board of District 1

District 1 Board Meeting (held April 4, 2022):
District 1 decided not to move forward with discussion around assessing a second water fee to fund irrigation system operations
District 1 heard feedback from public and agreed that property owners should not be obligated to bridge Metro District operations during District 2 dispute
District 1 ensured meetings would be recorded and posted to BVMD website going forward
Go to “Board Meeting” tab and scroll down to “Board Minutes” – both March and April Zoom meeting recordings are posted
District 1 noted feedback around the timing of Board meetings and will work to plan future meetings after 5:00pm to accommodate working schedules
District 1 reviewed three alternate avenues they are pursuing instead of a second water fee:
Engaging independent water fee study
Negotiating operating “bridge” capital from BV Firewheel
Moving forward with mediation with District 2
All of the dates noted below were confirmed against written / verbal communications from the managers, attorneys and Board members of Districts 1 and 2.  If there are any questions or requests for more detail on these events, District 1 would be glad to speak to them.

1.Update on Water Fee Study --
Mar. 17:  District 1 sent District 2 fee proposal from third-party engineering firm SGM
Prior: District 1 vetted several firms and settled on SGM based on multiple recommendations and competitive pricing
Mar. 20:  District 2 voted to move forward with “collaborating” on overseeing the water fee study, but wanted to review two other bids before deciding
Mar. 31:  Both Districts received confirmation from BV Firewheel counsel that BV Firewheel would honor the findings of the water fee study when completed (pay their portion)
Apr. 1:  District 1 counsel followed up with District 2 counsel on any alternative bids, noted support for SGM proposal already in-hand
Apr. 6:  Due to lack of response from District 2, District 1 asked counsel to follow up with District 2 regarding bids from other engineering firms – District 2 did not source additional bids
Apr. 12:  District 1, fearing wildfire season and knowing the importance of the matter to BV property owners, moved forward with SGM proposal
Today:  District 1 anticipating completion by June, after which it will pursue the appropriate water fees from BV Firewheel -- District 1 will keep the community updated

2.Update on Operating Capital –
Mar. 16:  District 1 spoke with BV Firewheel regarding the ongoing dispute and suggested a “common ground” solution – for BV Firewheel to provide a “deposit” on future water fees
Mar. 31:  BV Firewheel submitted a letter to both Districts offering to pay $50,000 into an escrow account controlled by an independent trustee solely to cover irrigation operations while District funding was in dispute
Mar. 31:  District 1 accepted written offer same-day (before response deadline of April 7th)
Apr. 12:  BV Firewheel counsel followed up with District 2 regarding operating capital offer
Apr. 18:  District 2 denied the offer for irrigation system funds, providing no alternative or explanation -- District 1 is working to repair the situation with BV Firewheel / find a new avenue

3.Update on Mediation –
Mar. 17:  District 1 voted to move forward with mediation with District 2 in public meeting
Mar. 20:  District 2 agreed to mediation with conditions –
Re-negotiating the operating documents of the Metro District (unchangeable without approval from the Town of Gypsum)
Refinancing and pay-off of District 2’s infrastructure bonds
Apr. 1:  District 1 agreed to engage in mediation without any pre-conditions and counsel provided two suggestions for mediators
Apr. 2:  Town of Gypsum encourages Districts to honor the approved 2009 Service Plan and reach agreements or submit financials for judicial review
Apr. 12:  Both Districts agreed to move forward with mediation under retired judge Tom Moorhead in Denver
Apr. 13:  Both Districts agreed to invite BV Firewheel to mediation proceedings in hopes of expediting negotiations between the three parties – pending acceptance from BV Firewheel
Today:  Both Districts discussing date of mediation, likely this month in DenverType your paragraph here.