Aspen Ridge at Buckhorn Valley Homeowner's Association, a.k.a. Aspen Ridge HOA is nestled in the heart of the Buckhorn Valley Community. Homeownership in Aspen Ridge includes compulsory membership in the Aspen Ridge HOA, the Buckhorn Valley Master HOA, and the Buckhorn Valley Metro District.

Aspen Ridge HOA dues are $216.00 per quarter or every three months. Aspen Ridge HOA can only accept check or cashiers check to the PO Box for payments.  Most owners set up auto-bill pay through their bank so the bank will cut and mail the check each quarter.  HOA dues payments should be mailed to:

  Aspen Ridge HOA
  PO Box 537
 Gypsum, CO  81637
A late fee of $20 per quarter is assessed for outstanding dues. Accounts that are overdue by three quarters (nine months) may be sent to collections.

Services of the HOA include:
   Front yard irrigation system maintenance
   HOA Management
   HOA insurance for common areas and liability
  Trash service - one can per week (any extra charges are billed back directly to the owner)

For more information about Aspen Ridge HOA please contact the HOA Manager at